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Working with Comensura gives suppliers the potential to supply temporary, interim, permanent and consultant labour to more than 120 companies across the public and private sectors.

With some $675 million of recruitment spend globally passing through Comensura each year, it is obvious why more than 3,500 suppliers choose us as an avenue to market.

The benefits of working with Comensura

Just as our clients receive many benefits from working with Comensura - find information about our services - so do the suppliers in our network.

Less time spent on sales

Orders come to you directly from our technology platform, C.net, so you don’t have the associated cost of marketing or selling to clients. Many suppliers have told us that they have welcomed this opportunity to move the focus of some of their staff from sales to sourcing and candidate management.

Access to greater opportunities

Comensura has coverage across some of the largest companies and organisations. By joining our supplier network, you will be able to respond to requests from organisations that you may otherwise have been unable to reach.

Fair and transparent working

We operate a standardised approach that ensures that all suppliers compete on a level playing field, regardless of their size or standing in the marketplace.

Rewards for the best suppliers

Supplier performance and customer feedback is used to rate each supplier, with those that achieve the best ratings being rewarded with greater access to opportunities.

Simple processes

The C.net technology is especially simple to use and we provide training that covers how to access vacancies, respond to them with the details of suitable candidates and manage the time sheet and invoicing process. Support is provided by our Customer Service Centre to make it even easier for you to get the most from Comensura.

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