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Permanent Labour

If you have already looked at the Service introduction information, this page will give you specific information about Comensura for permenant recruitment.
Comensura’s permanent recruitment solution is tailored to fit your needs, reducing the time taken to recruit, improving the quality and fit of candidates and simplifying the administration processes.

Easy access to hundreds of properly audited suppliers

With thousands of recruitment agencies charging varying fees and numerous recruitment channels, the search for candidates can be a very time consuming process. But with Comensura, an organisation can reach multiple audited suppliers across a wide geographic spread with a single action.

Integrating sourcing methods into one platform

Our intelligent technology, C.net Recruit, integrates job boards and talent pools into the heart of your attraction and selection process. Through delivering relevant cost information, the most cost effective route to fill vacancies can be selected by users, significantly reducing agency spend and time to fill business critical vacancies.

Complete vacancy management

By implementing our web based technology platform every vacancy is managed from original request, through the application, selection and offer process as well as the payment of the supplier.
Comensura provides support at every stage, which can include response handling, CV sifting as well as scheduling interviews and assessment centres. Candidates are managed professionally and hiring managers have complete control of the process.



Take a look at the many benefits that our service delivers: