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Service Introduction

​Dealing with multiple suppliers creates inefficiency due to the amount of time spent on engagement and administration. Comensura’s solution delivers just one central contact point through which multiple suppliers can be accessed.

Our service uses a combination of our team of category experts, tried and trusted business processes and the Comensura.Net technology platform to manage contracts and supplier relationships. The process looks like this:

Reviewing your suppliers

Typically we identify and engage with your current suppliers and negotiate competitive prices with them, leveraging our extensive buying power, whilst offering suppliers a range of benefits. We also recommend additional suppliers, where necessary, either from our network of over 3,500 suppliers or from direct market approach.

Implementing Comensura.net

Our supplier management platform, called C.net, acts in part as a Vendor Management System (VMS), manages the interaction between an organisation and its suppliers, and provides a competitive and compliant marketplace for purchasing their services. The platform is bespoke to your organisation’s needs, populated with business-specific rules, sign-off limits, costs codes and so on to ensure that all buying activity adheres to your policy.

Quality on demand

When services are needed, clients simply raise an order either on-line via C.net or through our Customer Service Centre. The order is distributed to approved suppliers who respond, matching against the stated criteria. Clients select from the submitted responses and evaluate the quality of staff or services provided. Overall supplier quality and price performance is measured using a balanced scorecard mechanism, where the best performing suppliers receive orders first. This ‘league table’ style or tiering system promotes perpetual competiton, placing upward pressure on quality and downward pressure on price.

Complete visibility and control

C.net acts as a single point of contact for all stakeholders, such as managers, suppliers, workers and consultants, capturing all transactional activity.
C.net provides detailed management information which enables organisations to understand and realise better value from their spend. The platform is configured to use each client’s referencing, such as cost centre codes, and can integrate into systems such as SAP and Oracle.

Relationship management

Active relationship management between Comensura, the client and the suppliers ensures smooth contract management and continuous contract development. Both clients and suppliers benefit from a single point of contact either online or via our Customer Service Centre, which operates 24/7 and 365 days per year.

Simplified financial processes

No matter how many temporary, permanent or consultancy staff you require at a time, our solution provides you with a single invoice each week. This creates significant efficiency benefits as it removes the need to handle multiple invoices from multiple suppliers.
Please contact us to talk to one of our team about your needs and how Comensura can deliver you a standard, consistent approach with significant financial and efficiency benefits.

 Any Questions?


​We fully expect you to have some questions about our service.

But with ten years’ experience and more than 120 clients, including major public and private sector organisations, we believe we can answer even the most challenging questions about our service.

Please contact us to talk to one of our team about your recruitment needs and how Comensura might bring you a standard, consistent approach to recruitment with significant financial and efficiency benefits.