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If you have already looked at the Service introduction information, this page will give you specific information about Comensura for the procurement and management of consultants.
Comensura’s consultant solution is designed to provide standardisation and rigour, maximising access to the best available candidates whilst managing them to project costs.

Creating a competitive environment

It’s common for consultants to be procured through informal means but using C.net provides an environment where consultancy work can be competitively pitched. Working with Comensura gives access to market rates, where payments are linked to project deliverables.

Managing project costs

Comensura negotiate on yourbehalf to ensure project costs are controlled and using C.net to release payments to consultants based on them achieving project milestones. In addition, hidden costs, such as travel, accomodation and subsistence claims are agreed up front, which significantly reduces total project costs.

Managing project timelines

Managing a project to agreed objectives and timescales is a critical requirement. With Comensura, this is managed via our technology platform which triggers service evaluations and exit criteria, such as knowledge transfer is conducted.

Managing risk to the organisation

To manage and mitigate risk, Comensura’s central storage provides a clear, reportable and auditable access to key documentation, such as project plans, relevant insurances and contracts. This provides greater clarity to the organisation and the consultant.



Take a look at the many benefits that our service delivers: