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There is a special challenge for public services organisations such as housing associations, charities and other not-for-profit entities: the need for access to skilled permanent, temporary or consultant workers that have the necessary skills, interest and motivation.

Comensura brings to these organisations access to a large number of carefully selected and vetted suppliers, increasing the likelihood of finding suitable people.

Comensura also makes the internal management of staffing sourcing much easier and more efficient. We are able to respond to varying requirements from position to position while at the same time achieving consistent service levels from suppliers. This addresses the typical issue in the sector where an organisation has access to just a small list of suppliers (or just a single supplier), which can lead to off-contract, non-compliant supplier engagement for certain vacancies.
We also bring to the sector total visibility of suppler usage, control of spend and an ability to leverage total spend to gain greater cost efficiency from suppliers. The process we use reduces the time that is spent internally on managing the supply of temporary, interim, permanent and consultancy sourcing.
Comensura’s ability in this area has enabled us successfully work with the public and not-for-profit sectors since 2001. We currently work with over 100 such organisations and we are firmly established as the number one supplier for neutral vendor managed service provision of temporary, permanent and consultancy labour.

Find out more about the benefits delivered by Comensura’s solution:

Reduce your spend on staffing and professional services

Bring down costs through new efficiencies and the competitive market environment created by Comensura.

Simplify your processes

Our service standardises and streamlines ordering through to invoicing via a single point of contact, on-line or off-line.

Gain complete visibility and control

Our technology platform, C.net, provides all stakeholders with real-time visibility and control of activity.

Reduce risk

Every supplier working with Comensura is signed to standardised contractual terms and consistent service levels, and they are carefully audited to ensure they meet necessary compliance standards.

Quality on demand

Comensura identifies quality suppliers able to meet demand with quality, averaging over 99% fulfilment.

Implementing strategy

We enable your strategies to be realised through expertise and effective implementation.

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