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Take a closer look at c.net5

Posted on 19/11/2018 by Comensura in Category Managed Services
 Comensura's proprietary technology c.net5 gives organisations the most powerful tool yet for procuring and managing their entire non-permanent workforce.

Historically, requisition-to-pay systems have been focused on delivering value to an organisation’s centralised stakeholders, such as procurement, HR and finance. The end user is often expected to work around a process and this can cause significant issues in respect of service delivery. We designed the new version of our own c.net platform to work around the end user, whilst still maintaining centralised visibility, control and governance.

The success of this approach has now led us to redefine our full managed service offering, to create an adaptive service that is shaped around the customers’ unique needs, and can be flexed and altered as circumstances dictate.

Our c.net5 technology solutions track non-permanent workforce spend and performance across your entire business. With the visibility and control we bring, you can make informed tactical and strategic decisions as to how to balance the mix of  permanent and temporary workforce.

Request a demo today and find out how c.net5 can help you:

- Interact with multiple recruitment agencies

- Access a competitive and compliant marketplace 
- Streamline workflows 
- Get detailed management information
- Guarantee all non-permanent workforce buying activity complies with internal policies.

Alternatively, here's three examples on how c.net5 adapts to meet the needs of everyone in the organisation.

Download the c.net5 brochure.