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Effective measurement of temporary labour

Posted on   by Mark Coyle in Category Managed Services
This is my final blog from the PASA Category Intelligence Exchange – you can still read my first blog on effective cost management of temporary labour and my second blog on compliance and regulation.

In this third and final blog I cover the last area we discussed at the event, namely effective measurement through management information.

I have to say at the outset, it was surprising to me as Managing Director of Comensura, a business that provides real-time management information as a core competency of the service we offer, to learn just how many businesses still struggle to get accurate and meaningful intelligence to assist them make better decisions on temporary labour usage. In fact, the majority still viewed effective measurement and reporting as a key driver for introducing a temporary workforce managed service.

Measurement of your spend on temporary labour as well as usage patterns is essential to run your business with a flexible and efficient workforce mix of temporary and permanent labour. More rigour around process and workforce measurement provides the data that gives businesses the intelligence to make informed decisions around cost control, demand management, tenure control, diversity reporting and countless other areas.

Effective measurement is also a pre-requisite for genuine supply chain management in temporary recruitment. Without it, businesses tend to make decisions on which agencies to use based on best guess or perceived reputation as opposed to actual results. Having the ability to intimately know and manage you recruitment suppliers and quantifiably assess the workers they provide to your business is invaluable. 

Our customers certainly tell us that this is a more fair and transparent way to manage recruitment agency performance. Providing more opportunity to the best performing agencies ultimately drives improved quality of worker for you and the opportunity for better cost from recruitment suppliers.

In summary, it is without question that effective measurement is a pre-requisite to managing your temporary workforce and improving quality of hire and cost management. To have effective measurement tools in place is a highly complex area to get right, made even more so by the complexity that is likely to exist in your business, but the benefits of complete visibility and measurement of your temporary labour workforce is worth the effort. 
We’ve scratched the surface of a number of different subjects in this blog so I hope it is of use to you but if you’d like more information on any aspect please don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail - mark.coyle@comensura.com.au.​