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Visibility & Control

Companies are able to maintain complete control over their spend on professional services, such as temporary or permanent labour as well as consultants with our innovative, transparent technology.

Visibility on a day-to-day basis

All stakeholder actions are recorded within our proprietary technology platform, C.net, including job requests, approval processes, responses from suppliers, selected candidates, timesheets, overtime and expenses. This means that managers in the hiring community can access real-time information wherever they are, at any time.

Controlling the interaction between stakeholders

C.net enables organisations, their managers and suppliers to interact with each other through a single point of contact. The platform is configured to only allow each stakeholder to perform certain tasks and actions, which ensures control and compliance. As each action is recorded, real-time reporting shows all activities and who completed them.

Complete management information

HR and procurement teams can see what has been spent, by whom, with whom, in which departments, and so on. The availability of detailed management information ensures that companies can continually report on activity and spend.

Visibility of demand for services

C.net ensures that line managers are following agreed rules about procuring services. Their activity is highly visible, so HR, procurement and senior managers are able to report on demand and manage activity effectively.



‚ÄčThe best way to see how C.net simplifies processes for hiring companies is to see a demonstration of the system.

Please contact us to arrange a guided demonstration.