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Value for money

Comensura clients universally find that they are able to reduce their expenditure on professional services, such as temporary, permanent or consultant labour through working with us in partnership.​​

Getting a better deal from suppliers

In total, Comensura manages over $675m of client expenditure each year so we are able to negotiate significantly better rates from suppliers – on average delivering 10% savings on client expenditure. We are of course committed to ensuring that these better rates come with no compromise on candidate or service quality.

We achieve this because our service encourages healthy competition between suppliers and allocates orders to the best performers based on price and quality. So suppliers can see the benefit of offering competitive rates, while at the same time maintaining quality levels.

Reducing demand for services from within your organisation

A significant reduction in spend can be achieved by putting effective controls in place so that each request for new staff has to be justified, approved and matched to a purchase order before it is distributed to suppliers.

Comensura’s clients can also specify controls that ensure that assignments do not exceed their anticipated and approved tenure unless further approval is sought. It is also possible to add in a process that asks managers to verify that suitable alternatives to the vacancy have been considered. 

Bringing down vacancy processing costs

Comensura automates processes associated with engaging staff, this includes automatic identification of the best suppliers, ordering, time-sheeting and invoicing. All of this significantly reduces time and costs.

Excellent management information

Finally, Comensura’s service provides complete visibility of spend through customisable real-time reporting and management information. This in many cases has enabled our clients to reduce their reliance on external suppliers, and therefore reduce total costs.


 Supplier Analysis


​Let us analyse your supplier rates against sector benchmarks

If you are interested in benchmarking the supplier rates that you currently receive against those that we are able to procure, please contact us for a free analysis.