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Implementing Strategy

Comensura helps organisations identify staffing issues and meet labour needs in ways that align with their objectives. We enable organisations to gain insight into their workforce needs and respond at a strategic level.

Putting HR and procurement in a central role

When purchasing is devolved, it is very difficult for an organisation to ensure that each transaction is aligned with centrally agreed organisational objectives. By providing a central hub for all activity, Comensura puts HR and procurement staff back in a position where they have the tools and information to do this.

Better identification of systemic issues

The visibility delivered by C.net allows for effective workforce planning. For example, replacing positions filled by temporary staff with apprenticeships, or focussing on enhanced efficiency within permanent recruitment.

Support to monitor specific workforce targets

Some of the organisations we work with have policies about the people they hire, such as wanting to ensure a representative mix of minority or local candidates. This can be difficult to enforce without any central measurement mechanisms but this is easily achievable through the use of C.net.

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​Do you have specific strategic goals that can be met through improved process and procurement management?

Comensura’s consultants help our clients to implement processes that meet their strategic targets.

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