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Quality on demand

Our fluid and flexible approach enables the supply of quality people and services for your organisation from quality suppliers - as and when you need them.

High fulfilment rates

Comensura’s supply management approach means that we are able to able to identify a supply network that fully meets client demand. Our fulfilment rate with clients is second to none. Comensura delivers, irrespective of the skill set or level of staff required.

Adaptable to changing supply needs

Comensura’s service is adaptable to organisations changing supply needs. We maximise competition amongst suppliers where supply availability is high, awarding opportunity to the best performing first through a Neutral Vendor (NV) approach. For specialist requirements we allocate opportunity to niche suppliers and stimulate further competition where necessary.

High standards for supplier management

Any supplier providing services through Comensura is contractually signed to our terms and conditions, which in turn reflect the minimum standards of each client. Suppliers are required to verify and confirm that each candidate they submit meets the stated set of requirements at the point of order.

Opportunities for hiring companies to give regular feedback

A feedback mechanism is in place through which buyers can rate the service provided by the supplier and the candidate they have been provided with. Feedback is sought one week into an assignment and at the end of the assignment, and it can be done via Comensura.net at any time.

Supplier scorecard and tiering based on performance

We use a comprehensive balanced scorecard to evaluate each supplier’s performance and this determines their position in an objective tiering system.  Suppliers know that if they are in the top tier they will get more business from Comensura, thus driving competition and better performance from suppliers.

 Our Network


​Do you have specific needs from your suppliers?

Many of our clients list the availability of Comensura’s extensive network of suppliers as the primary reason for partnering with us.

Please contact us to talk to us about what you are particularly looking for from suppliers.