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Process Efficiency

Procuring professional services such as temporary or permanent labour as well as consultants can be complex and inefficient. With Comensura, the process that procurement, HR and line managers use with our service is incredibly efficient, and tailored to individual circumstances.

Efficient transaction management

As explained on our Service introduction page, we have designed lean and efficient processes that can be further tailored to incorporate each hiring company’s own rules and approval processes. The processes, managed through the C.net platform, cover each aspect, from procuring services from suppliers and ordering through time-sheeting and onto invoicing.

Improving the interaction between stakeholders

C.net also allows organisations, their managers and suppliers to interact with each other through a single point of contact. It provides a platform where parties can log in to see relevant information, removing confusion and a great deal of phone calls and emails that are otherwise needed to check on the status of transactions.

Invoice management

Our automated and lean processes dramatically reduce the number of invoices you receive to 52 per year. This replaces the receipt and processing of separate invoices from multiple suppliers, dramatically reducing back office time and invoice processing costs.



​The best way to see how Comensura.net simplifies processes for hiring companies is to see a demonstration of the system.

Please contact us to arrange a guided demonstration.