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The most efficient approach available for supply management, professional service procurement and contract management

This information is primarily for employers - if you are a recruitment agency or other supplier please visit suppliers information.

Organisations often struggle to effectively manage multiple suppliers and procure professional services, whether it’s temporary, permanent or consultant labour.
Comensura’s service benefits organisations because your suppliers are efficiently managed, professional services such as temporary or permanent labour as well as consultants are procured cost effectively and contracts are managed to give you immediate and long-term value for money. This is achieved through a combination of our expertise, using service models such as Neutral Vendor (NV) and Supply Chain Management (SCM), the Comensura.net technology platform and our Customer Service Centre.
Take a look at the many benefits that our service delivers:

Reduce your spend on staffing and professional services

Bring down costs through new efficiencies and the competitive market environment created by Comensura. Read more about how Comensura reduces spend.

Simplify your processes

Our service standardises and streamlines ordering through to invoicing via a single point of contact, on-line or off-line. Read more about how Comensura simplifies processes.

Gain complete visibility and control

Our technology platform, Comensura.net, provides all stakeholders with real-time visibility and control of activity. Read more about how Comensura provides visibility and control of spend.

Reduce risk

Every supplier working with Comensura is signed to standardised contractual terms, consistent service levels and carefully audited to ensure they meet necessary compliance standards. Read more about how Comensura reduces risk.

Quality on demand

Comensura identifies quality suppliers able to meet demand with quality, averaging over 99% fulfilment. Read more about how Comensura improves quality on demand.

Implementing strategy

We enable your strategies to be realised through expertise and effective implementation. Read more about how Comensura implements policy and provides intelligence to implement strategy.

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​Do you have specific challenges that you need to address?

Comensura has extensive experience of helping public and private sector clients manage supply, procure professional services and manage contracts.

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